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NICEIC Approved contractors offering electrical installation work within industrial and commercial environments. New installations of power or lighting etc. in hazardous or non-hazardous locations. Additions or alterations to existing installations, EIC, EICR and much more.

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Machinery Breakdowns And Emergency Repairs.

Our engineers are available 24/7 for machinery breakdowns and emergency repairs. From power cuts to PLC faults we can help you get back up and running with minimum downtown.

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EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report.

Periodic inspection and testing of industrial and commercial installations. EICR is required to maintain electrical safety. As members of the NICEIC we guarantee a quality and thorough report.

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EV Charge Point Installation

Electric vehicle charge points installed by certified C&G 2919-01 electricians. Certification for industrial, commercial and domestic installation provided as standard.

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Control system design

Every control panel build starts with a control panel design. The design could be a sketch on paper or done using efficient electrical CAD software but ultimately should include details of the control panel. The electrical schematic should include a bill of materials, control cabinet layout, back plate layout, table of contents, functional diagram, power distribution and I/O diagrams.

We bring control systems to life using intelligent electrical CAD software that allows us to visualise and simulate the final design before it’s ever built.

Electrical engineering services in Manchester

Control panel build

Control panels built by Indacon Ltd are guaranteed to be of the highest quality available. Our panel building workshop is well equipped with all the essential elements to allow our engineers and technicians to create the perfect solution for your application.

Control panel rewire

When considering an upgrade of an existing control panel for a piece of machinery or for process there’s not always the scope for a brand new control panel. For panels that haven’t been installed long and already contain  components such as inverters, PLC, HMI and other bits of equipment that could be reused, a panel rewire should be considered.

Rewired panels will be issued with all the same supporting documents as brand new panels. Electrical schematic drawings, control panel layout drawing and PLC program where necessary.

Control panel upgrade

Modern industrial control panels have programmable logic controllers (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI) that make up the control algorithm part of the control system. There are a few benefits to upgrading the control panel within process equipment and machinery from out-dated relay logic to more modern solutions such as PLC’s.

  • The solid state components within a PLC tend to last much longer than the moving parts of electromechanical relays, this makes them more reliable.
  • Troubleshooting on PLC systems by monitoring the program is fairly simple compared to fault finding on relay systems. This saves you time during breakdowns and ultimately will save you money.
  • Adding functionality to a PLC control system can be done without changing any of the existing wiring making modifications extremely fast.

As electricians and electrical engineers our primary focus is electrical engineering services in Manchester. We specialise in designing and building electrical control panels for a multitude of industries and environments.

We can also rewire and upgrade existing control panels removing obsolete parts and old wiring and replacing them with new and more reliable programmable logic controllers.

We’ll review the information provided, ask all questions necessary to fill in the gaps, and provide the highest quality product available in the industry.

Indacon will take care of your needs and provide you with the utmost satisfaction. Contact our team today.

We design, install and certify all our own work and we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality results, always ensuring our work is safe, functional and compliant.